Do you want to create your own embroidery design but can't afford those incredibly expensive embroidery digitizing programs?  Try EmbroideryWare instead. It is only $89.95, and includes 30 professionally digitized lettering sets.  Download your free 30 day trial today no credit card required.

EmbroideryWare is inspired by punchers of the past, commonly known today as digitizers, who put a craftsman's touch into their designs.  Do you want your designs to look like a computer did them or craftsman?

EmbroideryWare uses a technique called manual digitizing.  Manual digitizing is the only way to create good designs.  Sometimes I call it creative digitizing because you, a creative person, are in complete control of the design.  It is so powerful and fun.   The alternative method, auto digitizing, also known as art to stitch, creates poor designs.

Why is EmbroideryWare so different from the others?  It is different because it is designed by a hobbyist for a hobbyist.  If you can draw you can create embroidery.  EmbroideryWare can do pretty much anything you can dream of.   It does all the standard things you would expect from an embroidery digitizing program, running stitches, satins, fills, cutwork, appliqué, stitch patterns, motifs, lettering etc. but does it in a simple to understand way.

Digitizing can be difficult to learn, but with EmbroideryWare you will learn it fast. Most users learn to digitize in about a week.  The slide show shows some of the items they have created. To digitize with EmbroideryWare all you have to do is draw lines and curves. From these simple graphics all embroidery objects can be created. It's really that easy.  Also there are many YouTube videos online to guide you along the way.

Are you ready to create something of your own? Let's get started digitizing. Download the free 30 day trial today!