7 things you can do with EmbroideryWare

A message from Jim the creator of EmbroideryWare

If you want to create your own embroidery designs you need a digitizing program. Many users of EmbroideryWare have become very skilled in digitizing even though they had no prior experience.

The first step is to try it out and practice a lot. If you are a skilled crafter digitizing is something you can master.  It takes time and patience but it is worth it. It will open creative avenues you never though possible.

Up to this point embroidery digitizing programs were out of reach for most people.  We are trying to change that with EmbroideryWare.  At $119 it is the most affordable full embroidery digitizing program available.

Download your free 30 day trial.  No credit card required.

1 - Create your own unique design

Look at this example. You can decorate a dress with a unique design that is yours.  The only way to do this is to create your own embroidery design.

2 - Add lettering to anything, even baseballs!

Have you been frustrated by importing letters one by one in other programs?  In EmbroideryWare you just type the letters and beautiful lettering is created.

EmbroideryWare includes 30 free professionally digitized lettering sets that stitch out beautifully.  You can add additional sets from our large selection at anytime.

3 - Trace artwork

Do you have a prized child's artwork that you would like save in embroidery from?  You can do this simply by importing a picture, tracing the artwork, and a wonderful memory is created in stitches.

4 - Create custom stitch patterns

You can create your own stitch patterns.  Just draw any embroidery design and turn it into a pattern.

The design shown utilizes 12 custom designed patterns.  This results in a one of a kind design.

5 - Use Appliqué to make a kid's costume

Your kid is gonna love the custom costume you can make with the appliqué function.  EmbroideryWare makes it simple.

Use the appliqué function to create the placement line, cutline and top stitches.  Then output an SVG file to your Cricut so don't even have to cut the fabric.

6 - Make your own quilting patterns

Do you love to quit?  Take your craft up a notch by making your own patterns.  You can make unique squares that reflect your personality.

7 - Embroider freehand and make art

EmbroideryWare has several freehand tools which allow you to draw with your tablet pen.  Sketch over your favorite photograph and create art.


Are you ready? Lets go!

Time to create something of your own. Start digitizing. Download your free 30 day trial today!