EmbrioderyWare vs Wilcom Hatch

By | January 4, 2019

Comparison EmbrioderyWare vs Wilcom Hatch

This purpose of this article is to compare EmbrioderyWare vs Wilcom Hatch.

EmbroideryWare has many of the same features as Hatch Digitizer.  The table at the end of this article outlines the key features of EmbroideryWare vs. Wilcom Hatch.

EmbroideryWare was created by a small business that does not have the large overhead of a bigger organization like Wilcom.  Therefore we can offer a much more affordable solution for your embroidery digitizing needs.

Another resource for comparison is Comparison of embroidery software – Wikipedia.


EmbroideryWare was designed with professional capabilities from the start, and they are easy to use  This results in the ability to create designs that rival those created by professional digitizers.

EmbroideryWare is not a tiered product like Wilcom Hatch so you get all the features in all versions.

EmbroideryWare has professionally digitized lettering sets that stitch out as well or better than Hatch. Each lettering set is individually tested to stitch out well.  Below are a few examples of our lettering quality.  We have everything from fancy scripted lettering to applique lettering sets.

Reindeer Lettering Embroideryware vs Wilcom Hatch

Example of Reindeer lettering

Bookie Lettering Embroideryware vs Wilcom Hatch

Example of Bookie Lettering

Drumsticks Lettering Embroideryware vs Wilcom Hatch

Example of Drumsticks lettering

Applique Example Embroideryware vs Wilcom Hatch

Applique Example

Wilcom Hatch

Wilcom is known for EmbroideryStudio e4, a professional embroidery digitizing software. Unfortunately it is out of the reach of for many customers since it costs many thousands of dollars.  To address this Wilcom introduced a new embroidery digitizing software called Wilcom Hatch.

Wilcom® Hatch® consists of four tiers: Hatch Organizer, Hatch Customizer, Hatch Composer, and Hatch Digitizer. Each one of them is progressively more capable than the other but more expensive.  The manual digitizing component which is the most desired feature, is only in the most expensive version of Hatch at $1099.

FeatureEmbroideryWareHatch OrganizerHatch PersonalizerHatch ComposerHatch Digitizer
Manually DigitizeYesNoNoNoYes
Create MotifsYesNoNoNoYes
Create AppliqueYesNoNoNoYes
Upgrade Price$25 for a year of upgrades plus free $15 couponNANANA$199 to get version 2