EmbroideryWare Edit and Letter 2.6.4 with 17 professionally digitized lettering sets


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This product is designed users that just want edit purchased designs and add lettering.  It is perfect if you do not want to get into digitizing yet but are interested in purchasing different lettering sets and applique frames to expand what you can do.  Later if you purchase the full version of EmbroideryWare you will be able to continue to use these frames and lettering sets.

Later if you want to upgrade to the full version of EmbroideryWare the purchased price of Edit and Letter can be credited to a full version of EmbroideryWare.  Please contact sales@embroiderywaresoftware.com to make arrangements for a credit.

EmbroideryWare Edit and Letter comes with these 15 lettering sets plus Airy Italic and Airy Regular that comes with the free version.

EmbroideryWare Edit and Letter runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Windows XP is not supported.

This version has the following features

  1. Running stitches
    • Single
  2. Advanced editing
    • Scale, rotate, translate, skew, stretch, align curves or points.
    • Add or delete curve elements
    • Join or break apart curves
    • Precise dimension based nudging
    • Arrow key nudge
  3. Import
    • PES
  4. Export
    • DST
    • DST + EDR
    • PES
    • PEC
    • EXP
    • EXP+
    • JEF
  5. Text
    • Digitized keyboard lettering which can be scaled and follow any path
    • Airy Italic, Airy Regular (Additional lettering set  can be purchased at a latter time)
  6. Applique Frames
    • Shield, heart, circle (Additional frames can be purchased at a latter time)
  7. Patterning
    • Linear
    • Circular
  8. Hoop sizes
    • 360×350, 360×200, 260×200, 260×150, 130×180, 120×200, 120×120, 110×110, 50×50 mm
    • 5×7, 4×4, 2×2 inches
    • Custom
  9. Definable jump anchors
  10. Thumbnail view of embroidery objects
  11. Stitch simulator with 3D rendering mode
  12. Drawing aides
    • Rulers
    • Stitch length marker
    • mm, cm, inch units
    • Grid snaps
    • Calibrate screen size
  13. Usability features
    • Keyboard short cuts
    • Status bar step by step instructions
    • Graphic object defaults setting


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