Auto stitching like Sew Art

Jim B Staff asked 8 years ago

Up to now I tried Sophies Sew and Sew Art. Your Software will be amazing if you insert a tool digitizing images like you can do it in SewArt. Can you think of inserting such a tool in EmbroideryWare?

1 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 8 years ago

The short answer is “no” there are no plans to add art to stitch functionality to EmbroideryWare and the reason is as follows.

Art to stitch programs most often produce poor results. Most professional digitizers do not use art to stitch programs. Instead they digitize manually.

If the graphic is simple like a text logo with only a few colors it can work, but you can always get better results if you decide how to simplify the design.

What can be helpful though is graphic tracing. Graphic tracing can create a path along the graphic which can be later used to create the embroidered object.

To create a graphic tracing, import your graphic into EmbroideryWare, and use the trace bit map feature to create paths.