Lock Stitch Between Objects of Same Color

Jessica Shumway asked 8 months ago

When I stitch out my designs it is not lock stitching between graphics of the same color. It just jumps from the first to the second without the lock and then unravels when done.  I have the Lock at Start and Lock at End marked as true.  Can you help me? Am I missing something or is it a Bug?

1 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 8 months ago

You have to set locks on every object.  So if you have 10 blue object every one has to have the lock set on it.  What a lock does is it places several stitches before in and after the object.  Think of it as a stitch backward lever on your sewing machine.   It looks like the standard type of lock stitch might not be enough for you so set it to more stitches under the lock type.  Or try another type and see if it works.   Some machines have a lock stitch feature but that will only occur during a color change.  You can force a color change by changing the applique type on every other object so one would be top stitches the next would be tackdown, then top stitches, then tackdown etc…