new computer

Inger Laufmann asked 6 years ago

We have a new computer, because the old one doesn`t work anymore. How can I get my old Version on Embroidery Ware?
Thanks a lot

2 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 6 years ago


Log onto the website with your account details and your download will be available under your orders under your account.  This will give you access to the lettering files and other order you have place.

You can get the program from the Purchased updates page.  On that page download the latest that your license allows.  This would be up to one year from your purchase date.

If you want the latest updates beyond your date you can purchase an updates renewal that will allow you to continue to update the program for an additional year plus it comes with a free $15 dollar coupon to buy more stuff.

Inger Laufmann answered 6 years ago

Hi Jim,
thanks a lot. I purchased an update renewal like you suggested. The only Problem I still have is: originally I purchased the program including lettering packs 1 and 2. I can`t remember, if I ever got these packs, I can`t remember using them. But I can`t download them now. How can I get these again?
thanks a lot