Print Function

Michael Castro asked 6 years ago

Can stored comments be included in Print output. I have setup and run instructions I would like to print along with the other information printed. Eventually, I  would like to create run books for the patches I create.

2 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 6 years ago

Comments cannot be printed in the current release.  The printout is modeled after other printouts in the industry.  It is possible to add comments to the title section but not the body.

Michael Castro answered 6 years ago

Jim, What I am looking for are the comments entered in the “thumb nail graphic” of the screen layout. It would be extremely helpful for those comments to print along with “ID”, color, stitch count, graphic, and thread use. From the point of view of a Mainframe programmer I am thinking it should be nothing more than including an expansion of the layout and a move function. : -) Great product and looking forward to renewing my subscription. Thank you.