EmbroideryWare Updates for the purchased version

Note: This page is only for EmbroideryWare Updates for the purchased version of EmbroideryWare. This is not a trial download page.  Trial downloads must be downloaded through the store.

If you have a purchased version of EmbroideryWare, check your updates date on the EmbroideryWare startup screen. The example below shows where the update date can be found.


You can choose any one of the EmbroideryWare Updates before your date. EmbroideryWare Updates after your date will disable embroidery file output. If you want to upgrade to an update after your date you can purchase a renewal.

If you install an ineligible update by accident, just uninstall it and reinstall an update that is before your date.

Note:  Any one of the EmbroideryWare Updates are a complete version of the program.  You only need to install the latest one your updates date allows.

2019-09-18 v 3.4.0 Update  Changed auto fills to have more uniform section paths.  Added fill auto update button to tablet toolbar.  Changes section ordering screen to be more intuitive.

2019-07-30 v 3.3.7 Update  Made changes to the pan function to accommodate pen usage.  It can now be used while drawing.  To use just click the pan button, when finished panning click the button again to continue drawing.  Also added Pan up, down, left, right.  This is useful when using a tablet pen.   Anchor added to the tablet toolbars.  Added pan and zoom buttons to the lettering dialog.  Added duplicate and delete to the object pattern spacing dialog.

2019-07-13 v 3.3.6 Update Added step by step tutorial modes. 

2019-05-26 v 3.3.4 Update Added multi color lettering sets. 

2019-04-11 v 3.3.3 Update Added shape curve to embroidery objects, similar to envelope transformation on lettering sets.  Added user defined colors for endpoints, start and stop.  Fixed small screen in Windows 10 Pro.  Fixed fill spacing on quick menu. 

2019-03-13 v 3.2.9 Update  Fixed intersection in fill not being opened properly once saved.  Added user defined colors for fill sections.

2019-02-25 v 3.2.8 Update  Fixed trims for both applique letters and the add trims to letters function.

2019-02-09 v 3.2.7 Update  Added intersection, Added the ability to add embosses to satins that have fill patterns, reorganized some tools, added remove graphic to tablet menu.

2019-01-12 v 3.2.5 Update  Added puff transition tool.  Updated version to match trial just released.

2018-12-24 v 3.2.4 Update  Added multiple curve edge patterns, Added new edge offset types, DefinedPointsScale, DefinedPointsOffset. Added more features to quick edit box, copy, new streching option added from sides in addition to the from center type.  Fixed bugs with mulithoops. Fixed bug if you installed previous version and did not uninstall first.

2018-11-20 v 3.1.1 Update  Added lock types. The new lock type “AtPointTwice” can reduce the bulk of a tie off. Also the “Last3Twice” is the traditional back and forth similar to manually locking a seam by sewing backwards. Added new “AddStitchesToLine” type called “FillPatternWithGuideCurve” this allows you to control how the fill is aligned in a satin.  Added new “AddStitchesToLine” type called “Emboss” this allows you to split the satin where you want it.  “ScaleByAmountBelow…” Now has two scale directions both X and Y that can be specified. This is great for just stretching things a precise amount.  Reorganized the menus a little. The curve functions menu now has items taken from the add remove menu. These items did not make sense in the add remove menu.  Added a new function called “Add Equally Spaced Endpoints based on number below”. This is useful for dividing a graphic up into equal parts.  Fixed the “Browse” button when adding stitch patterns to a motif fill.  When using Multihoops each hoop will center the graphic in its individual hoop and rotate if the hoop is wider than tall. DST files will not do this but the new output “DST Center all hoops” will.  Added Multihoop ID numbers.

2018-11-01 v.3.0.0 Update  Added multiple motif fills.

2018-09-15 v.2.8.3 Update  Added envelope lettering.  Fixed cancel button close bug.

2018-08-18 v.2.8.2 Update  Updated curve mirror tool so it always will make a copy to mirror.  Added a dynamic mirror for X, Y and XY so you can see what the mirrored object it will look like before committing.

2018-08-06 v.2.8.1 Update  Edge patterns now align to the start and end of a satin.  Added cancel button to close dialog.  Added zoom all.

2018-06-23 v.2.8.0 Update  Added envelope transformation.  Added “make tangent with out adding tangent”.  Good if you just want to make an endpoint tangent but do not want to set a tangent property to the point.

2018-03-36 v.2.7.0 Update  Added shaped fill feature, added extract section feature, useful for breaking apart imported designs.  Added graphic object dimensions to status bar.  Fixed line satins bug.

2018-03-06 v.2.6.8 Update  Made changes to manual fill ordering dialog to make it easier or order sections.  Changed dialogs for pattering, offsets, edit jumps etc to appear in properties grid.  Added SVG output. Updated EXP+ output to include BMP and INF files with color names.  Added red save button if the file is not saved.  Added three custom hoops.  Added stitch distance indicator.  Fixed various bugs with copying items when using objects.

2018-02-14 v.2.6.7 Update  Added puff end caps, changed save and open behavior so screens blink less, added design start and stop cross hairs.  Fixed bugs related to manual, video tutorials and when choosing options with no document open.

2018-02-03 v.2.6.6 Update  Added photo render, changed add line, curve to allow multiple points, added more tools to tablet bars.

2018-01-15 v.2.6.5 Update  Added user manual and tutorial videos to help menu, added delete line to separate a graphic object, added new quick box to modify all selected graphics, added dynamic circular pattern and linear pattern features, added window select, adjusted behavior of freehand mode releasing mouse ends drawing, added add and remove anchors or tangents from all endpoints, added more tools to the tablet menus, added SatinShapes (satin, zigzag, square). Fixed red cursor not updating.

2017-12-24 v.2.6.4 Update  Updated the lettering dialog, multiple lines of text can be modified at one time.  Added connection paths to line satins.  Improved motif fills jump threads reduced on holes.  Added informative startup screen. Added StringArt.  Fixed slow regeneration of stitch patterns, fill, motifs in selection dialog.  Fixed fill section ordering colors missing, fixed edit jump lines feature.

2017-12-6 v.2.6.2 Update  Added linesatins. Added connection paths to line satins.  Added the ability to move, rotate, and scale children of graphic object (i.e. holes, start paths etc).  Added quick select in object browser, to use drag over the cell you want to select hide etc. Added the ability to add holes to satins and linesatins. Added zoom to area, pan to clicked point. Fixed window splitting so it is saved. Fixed PES import for colors out of the range 1 to 64. Fixed crashes with undo operations.

2017-10-22 v.2.5.3 Update  Added more end caps, improved speed, the added ability to turn off undo which improves speed for complicated designs, added freehand curves, added turn satin into an outline, fixed multihoops selection not being saved.

2017-09-19 v.2.5.2 Update  Added end caps, added the ability to select multiple colors for better tracing, added turn satin into an outline, added new toolbar with quick menu items, added convert curve to line and vise versa. Fixed bug with tiny fills.

2017-09-10 v.2.5.1 Update  Added trace image dialog.  Added ability to define a corner to the “curve through points” tool or “curved column through points” tool.  To activate press “b” or the tool item “Activate corner” before clicking the corner point.

2017-08-22 v.2.4.18 Update  Fixed hoops no being able to be set.  Added button sizes. Added Right, bottom, center x and center Y to move by dimension dialog. Added grouping ids and ability to select one or double click to select all group elements.

2017-08-07 v.2.4.17 Update  Added object patterns, Point editor, Clip graphic function, Unlimited undos, undo file archiving. Last 1 GB of undo items are saved so if the program crashes you can always recover your work.  The new undo feature reduces memory issues, before the last 20 undos were saved in memory now they are saved to disk.  This was a problem for very large designs.  Fixed multihoop issue.

2017-07-29 v.2.4.14 Update  Changed the quick edit box to be more intuitive.  Multipoint curves now show how they will be drawn while drawing.

2017-07-22 v.2.4.12 Update  Changed hypotrochoid dialog to have more features. Added “move start/end to new endpoint”. Added “tangent to all curves”. Added “transform”. Added “clover” to shape menu. Added “FlipStitchPattern” to stitch pattern settings. Fixed bug with SVG file being huge.

2017-07-18 v.2.4.11 Update  Added curve through points, column through points.  Added anchors for stitches.  Added save file name to “do you want to save dialog”.  Fixed bug with opening large asdrawnsingle graphics (i.e. when importing PES files).

2017-07-12 v.2.4.9 Update  Added fix checkbox to graphics browser. Fix will fix the graphic in place so that its points cannot be changed. Changed mirror curve functions to mirror all objects selected except for graphics that are fixed. Added many different shapes. Shapes can have interesting effects by adjusting the settings. Changed repeat mode to a toggle, it also can be activated by pressing Shift + enter on the keyboard. Moved rotate and scale settings from sub menus.

2017-07-05 v.2.4.8 Update  added spiral shape.  Moved group colors option from embroidery objects and cut work category to the Misc category.

2017-06-29 v.2.4.7 Update  added polygon and star shape.  Added repeat mode button.  This button remembers the last drawing mode selected and when pressed completes the previous graphic (if currently drawing) and starts a new graphic.

2017-06-26 v.2.4.6 Update  added more options for quick motif fill.  Fixed bugs with satins not completing, which can be seen during lettering, fixed offsets not being closed if set to closed.

2017-06-15 v.2.4.5 Update  added motif fills, comments, thumbnails when hidden, reset option to reset to factory settings (very useful for those getting stuck with stitch patterns etc).  Fixed bugs with manual stitch pattern scaling, pasting stitch pattern at mouse click, hidden objects display red x, and problems with importing SVG files from Inkscape 0.92.

Note:  Automatic Motif fills are done using stitch patterns.  The quick menu has a quick motif fill option.  Manual Motif fills are created by drawing an object just like you would for a fill but the stitch type is a “MotifFill”.  A Motif fill can have holes and added graphics just like normal fills.  The motifs are simply any other graphics you want to add to the Motif Fill.  They are added to the motif fill by adding them to the fill just like you would an emboss.  If you have several of them in parallel to each other make sure they are in order so that the stitches continue from one to the next.  It’s a good idea to group them before you add them.

2017-05-21 v.2.3.23 Update  grouped objects will  be added all at once for holes, added graphics and embosses.  Tight corners in satins will have stitches automatically receded to avoid bunching up thread.  Added some new fill types that are a lot of fun.

2017-05-03 v.2.3.22 Update  added embossed fills.

2017-04-29 v.2.3.21 Update  This new release improves speed.  It also has added settings for density and offsets to lettering to make letters thicker if needed.

2017-04-18 v.2.3.18 Update  This new release fixes a bug with offsetting graphics.

2017-04-10 v.2.3.17 Update  This new release has automatic satin sharp edge blunting (needed for applique lettering),  fixed bugs with making too many patterns.  Added automatic applique,  added save for default types so that you can switch between as many as you wish.

2017-04-06 v.2.3.16 Update  This new release contains bug fixes that are needed for applique text.

2017-03-31 v.2.3.15 Update  This new release contains: inverse select, more commands added to the applique menu (redundant to those in the menus) and some bug fixes.

2017-03-26 v.2.3.14 Update This new release contains: applique toolbar, single and double right click options, defaults for placement line, cutline, tackdown and TopStitches. Reduced undo buffer to fix memory issues. Clamped length of satins to keep them from going to infinity. Automatic reduction of resolution for imported images to improve speed.

2017-03-06 v.2.3.12 Update added more quick menu items, defaults, visual selection dialog.

2017-02-21 v.2.3.10 Update added circles, stretch x and y, skew x and y, manual satin to quick menu.  Embroidery export to PEC, PES, EXP, EXP+ (i.e. EXP USB).  This release replaces 2.3.7,8,9 to address issues with jump stitch type,  PES items including trim points, thumbnails, large stitch count designs.

2017-01-22 v.2.3.6 Update added embroidery objects and quick edit box, fixed a couple bugs from 2.35 release.

2016-12-11 v.2.3.4 Update added tablet buttons to make it easier to use a Wacom tablet or tablet computer.

2016-11-11 v.2.3.3 Update free motion embroidery, automated fill sectioning, Y scale for stitch patterns

2016-09-21 v2.2.3 Update

2016-09-15 v2.2.2 Update

2016-08-31 v2.2.0 Update

2016-07-15 v2.1.2 Update