Purchased version updates

Note: This page is only for updates to the purchased version of EmbroideryWare. This is not a trial download page.  Trial downloads must be downloaded through the store.

If you have a purchased version of EmbroideryWare, check your updates date on the EmbroideryWare startup screen. The example below shows where the update date can be found.


You can choose any update before your date. Updates after your date will disable embroidery file output. If you want to upgrade to an update after your date you can purchase a license renewal.

If you install an ineligible update by accident, just uninstall it and reinstall an update that is before your date.

2017-05-21 v.2.3.23 Update  grouped objects will  be added all at once for holes, added graphics and embosses.  Tight corners in satins will have stitches automatically receded to avoid bunching up thread.  Added some new fill types that are a lot of fun.

2017-05-03 v.2.3.22 Update  added embossed fills.

2017-04-29 v.2.3.21 Update  This new release improves speed.  It also has added settings for density and offsets to lettering to make letters thicker if needed.

2017-04-18 v.2.3.18 Update  This new release fixes a bug with offsetting graphics.

2017-04-10 v.2.3.17 Update  This new release has automatic satin sharp edge blunting (needed for applique lettering),  fixed bugs with making too many patterns.  Added automatic applique,  added save for default types so that you can switch between as many as you wish.

2017-04-06 v.2.3.16 Update  This new release has some bug fixes that are needed for applique text.

2017-03-31 v.2.3.15 Update  This new release contains: inverse select, more commands added to the applique menu (redundant to those in the menus) and some bug fixes.

2017-03-26 v.2.3.14 Update This new release contains: applique toolbar, single and double right click options, defaults for placement line, cutline, tackdown and TopStitches. Reduced undo buffer to fix memory issues. Clamped length of satins to keep them from going to infinity. Automatic reduction of resolution for imported images to improve speed.

2017-03-06 v.2.3.12 Update added more quick menu items, defaults, visual selection dialogs.

2017-02-21 v.2.3.10 Update added circles, stretch x and y, skew x and y, manual satin to quick menu.  Embroidery export to PEC, PES, EXP, EXP+ (i.e. EXP USB).  This release replaces 2.3.7,8,9 to address issues with jump stitch type,  PES items including trim points, thumbnails, large stitch count designs.

2017-01-22 v.2.3.6 Update added embroidery objects and quick edit box, fixed a couple bugs from 2.35 release.

2016-12-11 v.2.3.4 Update added tablet buttons to make it easier to use a Wacom tablet or tablet computer.

2016-11-11 v.2.3.3 Update free motion embroidery, automated fill sectioning, Y scale for stitch patterns

2016-09-21 v2.2.3 Update

2016-09-15 v2.2.2 Update

2016-08-31 v2.2.0 Update

2016-07-15 v2.1.2 Update