Graphic objects added out of order?

Kara asked 3 years ago

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’m adding a new object, instead of appearing at the end of the list, it pops up somewhere in the middle, near the top of the list.  It seems to happen when I’m opening a file after I had previously closed the program.  When I first open a file and work on it, the objects are added correctly, but if I save, close and come back to work on it later, it happens.  I can re-number them, but it gets to be a hassle after a while, especially when I have a lot of objects.
Is this a weird glitch, or am I missing something?

1 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 3 years ago

EmbroideryWare will insert the object after the last item clicked in the thumbnail graphic browser.  
So if you want to insert something before the first item click the top of the column.  
If you want to insert at the end click the last graphic object.  This is actually a really cool feature that you will love once you start using it.  Unfortunately its not publicized much except in the tutorial videos so most people don’t know it exists.