Graphic objects still added out of order….

Kara asked 3 years ago

Sorry to have to post a new question.  It wouldn’t let me reply to my first question, which was answered but didn’t solve my problem.
Even when I have ONLY the last item checked, or when NONE of the items are checked, a new object is still added somewhere in the middle.  I’ve tried repeatedly, and it keeps happening.
The only time it seems to function properly is when I’m working on a new file and haven’t saved, closed, and re-opened it to keep working.
(On a somewhat related note, the ability to deselect all objects with one click would be very helpful.  I’ve accidentally changed colors on objects too many times because I didn’t realize more than one object was selected.)

1 Answers
Jim B Staff answered 3 years ago

Deselect all is in the edit menu, or the gray looking icon with two arrows or click the heading in the select column and it will toggle everything to one state or the other.
To set your insert location click the little image, is is called a thumbnail.  The check box only turns selections on and off.