EmbroideryWare 1 year Anniversary

By | June 20, 2017

EmbroideryWare will be celebrating is first anniversary on June 22nd 2017.  It has been a great year.  So many good things have happened.

I could list off all the new features and lettering sets that have been added as accomplishments, but the story I really want to tell is how it has transformed the hobby for many of it’s users.

The stories are different but the starting point seems to be the same.

Many users start with having little or no experience in manual digitizing.  Most of them have used an embroidery editing program that would let them manipulate already digitized designs and add lettering.

What they were missing was the ability to create their own designs from scratch.  Once they download EmbroideryWare and discovered they could create there own designs they become ecstatic and sometimes addicted.

Here are some of their stories.

Meet the gals

Michelle, there from the beginning

Michelle has used EmbroideryWare for a long time.  She started originally with the free beta version and created some simple designs at first.  EmbroideryWare was pretty simple during its Beta phase.  Here is an eyeglass case she created for mother’s day last year.


With every new release of EmbroideryWare she would try out new features and always create something great. This design used the new gradient fills feature.

She quickly got proficient and created some amazing designs.  This design is a full set a finger puppets for school kids including the a football field to store them in!

She has done so much with Embroideryware that she has turned her embroidery hobby into a business.  This business has afforded her the ability to upgrade to a Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X 10 needle machine.  Congratulations!

One of the first things she did with this machine was the following banner for one of her clients.  It turned out great. If you want to see her products visit her shop  TresChelleKnits on Facebook.

Mya, the great instructor

One of the best decisions I made was to start an EmbroiderWare facebook group.  The group concentrates mainly on how to use EmbroideryWare.

One of the group members, Mya, has been very helpful in teaching others on how to use EmbroideryWare.  It has made my job so much easier.  Often she answers questions before I am able to read them.

She also is an avid YouTube creator.  She has made many simple to follow YouTube videos to explain how to use EmbroideryWare.  You can see them on her  YouTube channel.

We are grateful to you Mya.  Thank you!

Shelly and Courtney, mother and daughter team

When Shelly discovered EmbroideryWare she started out making applique designs.  Applique is simple to do in EmbroideryWare so Shelly caught on quickly.  She made all sorts of baby clothes for friends and family.  She also asked for new features to make applique easier.  Her input helped us improve the program.  We value our customer’s input.

It didn’t stop there soon she learned how to make her own monogram lettering and completed a whole alphabet.  She added monograms and lining to totes from Walmart and started selling them.

Shelly has done so well with her hobby business that she has upgraded her equipment from a brother PE-770 to a Brother Persona 100.  The business has grown so fast that she needed help, so her daughter, Courtney, started digitizing too.  That’s when they opened the Etsy store. Congratulations to Shelly and Courtney!


Stacey, reinvigorated

Stacy story is one that has truly inspired me to try harder with EmbroideryWare. She was an avid embroiderer for a long time, but a family tragedy, stopped her in her tracks. For many years she did not do anything in the hobby. Then she came across EmbroideryWare and it reinvigorated her life. A new interest in the hobby developed. Currently her husband is working at remote sites.  Their living situation is cramped in a camper, but she has her computer and embroidery machine to occupy her time.

When Stacey first shared her story with me I realized EmbroideryWare has done more for people than I ever imagined it could.  It is not just a tool to create embroidery it’s a tool that changes peoples lives.  I think this is possible because of is accessible price point and the nurturing community that is developing around it. This gives me great pride.

Meet the guys

When I first ventured into embroidery I was one of the few guys.  Over time I have discovered that there are quite a few guys that are into embroidery too.  Some of these guys have been with the program from the start some of them have just begun.

Mark, quick learner

Mark is from Germany so understanding directions for EmbroideryWare in another language is not the easiest task.  At first Mark had some issues that were frustrating.



Mark spent many hours learning how to use EmbroideryWare sometimes late into the night.  EmbroideryWare has that affect on people.  It can be so fun to use that people can’t stop.  Mark’s persistence has payed off.  He has used the program for little more than a month and has gone from a jumbled mess to these awesome creations!

Jim, the EmbroideryWare creator

Jim that’s me!  I started EmbroideryWare primary to create a program to do a function I could not do in any other embroidery program I had at the time.  I wanted a hand stitched look.  Little did I know it was going to turn into what it is today.  It has been a long journey and there have been a lot of hours spent on the program and the website.  I think the efforts are paying off.  I am glad to have done this.  I am running out of new ideas though, but I hope the inspiration will hit me and there will be great things in the future.

Thank you for being such great people and customers.


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