EmbroideryWare is open for business

By | June 22, 2016

EmbroideryWare software is going into a commercial phase.

Originally EmbroideryWare was a hobby project. It has developed to a point where I can make it a hobby business. I will start to offer a free trial instead of a free version. This will give you the chance to try it out for free and see if is useful to you. I will also have a paid version.

Both will have the same features. The trial version will be designed to let you use all the features of the paid program for three weeks. After three weeks you can still continue to use the program but DST output will be disabled.

The paid program will be very affordable. I still want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. It will remain a hobbyist orientated program with an affordable price.

I think making the program a commercial one will motivate me to do more development as well as provide funds to maintain the web page and advertise.

The paid release will be licensed so that you can upgrade to the latest version for up to a year for free.

If you have downloaded free versions of EmbroideryWare in the past these versions will continue to work, but they will no longer be available for download or upgrade.

I hope you download the free trial version and try it out. I think once you use it you will want to buy the paid version. 🙂


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