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By | May 13, 2016

A new feature is being developed for EmbroideryWare which you will really like. Keyboard lettering is being added.

The current release of EmbroideryWare already has the ability to make graphics outlines using True Type fonts. This is useful if you want to do some redwork, satin outline letters, appliqued letters, or use them as the outline for a fill. Unforunately satin lettering doesn’t currently exist. This is where keyboard lettering comes in.

Keyboard lettering is a feature that you are already familiar with on your embroidery machine. Most embroidery machines have a couple of letter styles built in with a limited number of sizes. Additional styles can be purchased and added to your machine. Most letters can only be sized up and down by a limited amount. This is because the machine is only expanding or shrinking the letter. More advanced machines will add or remove stitches to the letter but often times the results are less than good.

Another approach is to purchase an embroidery lettering program that creates letters using fonts from your computer. In my experience these computer programs often create poor results. Sometimes you get lucky. It all depends on the font you try to convert to lettering.

The best results are obtained by buying a set of letters that is digitized by a digitizer and is tested to stitch out properly. You can get these as individual letters that you place yourself or ones that are designed to be used by your digitizing program or machine.

These letters are designed to use proper underlay and satin ordering. The example below demonstrates the letter “t” and “f” which were digitized using proper underlay and satin ordering.


Notice how the underlay is done first and then crosses are done. Finally the body of the letter is done to cover over the middle of the crosses. This is the proper way to stitch out and results in a great looking letter.

As I mentioned before Keyboard lettering is being added to EmbroideryWare. It will be an option in the stitch type menu. Lettering will be applied to the line or curve that you draw. This gives you the capability to create interesting effects with the letters like below.


fun to digitize

I hope to have this new release up soon.

2 thoughts on “Keyboard Lettering

  1. Stoffsuchti

    Will you be adding the functionality that one can transform optentype fonts to embroidery, not only truetype?

    1. Jim B Post author

      Open type can be converted to true type with free online converters and then you will be able to use them too.

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