Digitizing artwork

By | April 14, 2016

Hi everyone this post is about digitizing artwork.  There are many places to get inspiration.  If you are doing projects for personal use you can use just about anything you find.  If you are digitizing things you want to sell later you should make sure it is free to use.  A lot of artwork and images are copyrighted and its a good idea to find ones that are in the public domain.

Your own artwork

One great source of free designs is you.  Create your own artwork from your own photos.  Take pictures of flowers you love.  Patterns in the sand.  Random twigs.  You be surprised how easy it is to turn some of these things into beautiful embroidery.  Be creative and see where it leads.

Use graphics programs like gimp or inkscape to create your own designs.  You can even use EmbroideryWare as a design tool.  I sketched this up just now in EmbroideryWare.  It took me about 5 minutes.

Scroll Pattern

Reach out to artists you know

If you know some artists reach out to them and see if you can digitize their work.  This can be a great way to give them more exposure and it benefits you too.

If you have artistic friends or family have them create something unique for you to digitize.  Then give them their own artwork beautifully embroidered in return.

Public domain artwork

There is a lot of artwork, photos etc. in the public domain.  A lot of old things are in the public domain like quilting patterns.

New artists also often submit their work to the public domain to get noticed.

One of my favorite sites to find public domain artwork and images is pixabay.com. This website that has a lot of images and graphics that carry a CC0 1.0 designation.  Artwork with this designation is free to use even commercially.

Even though we find images/graphics that are in the public domain there are some things to consider.  This link as has a good description of some of these considerations.

After you have found a public domain photo or artwork to digitize it is a good idea to do a google image search on it to make sure it is free to use.

Once you done all this, I know its a lot, have fun digitizing!




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