Machine embroidery digitizing the old way

By | April 13, 2016

Did you know machine embroidery has been around for over a hundred years?  In the past it was controlled by a person who was a puncher.  They would punch a large pattern using a panto-graph that would be hooked up to up to 100 needles all stitching at once.  Talk about pressure on the job.

Embroidery Machine

Part of the reason for writing this program is I wanted to get back to the basics.  To be more like the punchers of the past.

When I used commercially bought embroidery software I found it did a lot of things automatically.  Sometimes I could not figure out why it was doing some of these things and it would frustrate me.  I was not in control.  For example a lot of programs have an art to stitch functionality.  Which I tried but got frustrated with.  I have experienced a lot of crazy stitch outs using art to stitch.  I don’t like 100’s of jumps!

I know commercial embroidery programs have their place especially if you doing this as a business.  My intention with EmbroideryWare is not to compete with those programs.  Rather I want to take the program in the direction of the user in control.  I don’t plan to spend a lot of time on automating EmbroiderWare.  These algorithmic approaches do neat things but I want to concentrate on making EmbroideryWare feature rich.

One example of this is the ability to use cutwork needles.  To be honest I have not made much with it yet but I plan to.

To complement cutwork I think the ability to make a linear matrix for free lace embroidery would be cool.  Also gradient fills would be neat.  For applique it would be nice to have some the ability to output a cutline using SVG file export.  I have many ideas.  As you can see many these ideas could become interesting new features.  I hope you like what is in store for the future.



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