EmbroideryWare’s two month Birthday

By | August 23, 2016

EmbroideryWare just had its two month commercial birthday on August 22nd. There have been a lot of changes in a short period of time.

The web page now has more areas to explore.  There are new instructional videos and a questions and answers section.  A survey is available to give feedback. Also there is some great new lettering styles and a combined product offering in the store. The combined product offering has been the most popular so far!

Many of users have posted on facebook. The following are some examples.  I am pleased that EmbroideryWare gave them an affordable way to create these items.  No other commercial program comes close to the value EmbroideryWare offers.

I also have received great feedback. Here are some of the comments from users of the software.

I just wanted to say I absolutely love this software, and right now I’m working on a very complex design and so far it has done everything I’ve wanted.

I do just want to reiterate how great this software is though. It is working better for me than everything else I have tried before put together.

Love how Embroideryware means I can make my son’s birthday T shirt wishes a reality. I used the new gradient fill feature for the rainbow lettering.

I must say too that your little program is better than the vast majority of the ones the big companies offer. It’s simple to use, works great, and has all the functions others lack!

I am currently working on new letters for the store as well as a new release that will have multihoop capability, patterned fill satins, and patterned edge satins.  The new release also has better file organization for supporting file types like gradient files, fill patterns, etc.

That’s it for now.  Happy Birthday EmbroideryWare!

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