What’s new in release 2.2.3

By | September 24, 2016

Release 2.2.3 is available now.  This release has some great new features that make it easier to access custom files for fill patterns, stitch patterns, fill gradients and satin edge patterns.  It also has a much requested 3D rendering mode so you can see how your design will stitch out.

This 3D rendering mode has also been added to the fill and stitch pattern selection process.  So now you will see what the patterns actually look like when you select them.  When you select the patterns for the first time they will be rebuilt.  This rebuilding takes time so please wait for it to finish.  After that they are saved so you won’t have to wait the next time.

Did you know you can create custom fill, stitch, and satin edge patterns?  Also you can create your own fill gradients?  I don’t know of any other product out there that lets you create your own fill gradients.  I believe EmbroideryWare is the first :).

Also those of you who have taken the survey or voted in the poll are requesting more lettering files.  I have a couple new ones I am working on.  If there are lettering types that you are really interested in let me know which ones by filling out the contact us form.

The new release also has new appliqué functions.  You can define a placementline, cutline, tack down, and topstitches.  To use these you select which mode you want for each graphic object.  This function tells your machine to stop for each appliqué step.  It operates like a color change.

Have you tried the new keyboard shortcuts?  They are described for most functions by key codes listed in the menus and through tool tip help when you hover over buttons.

Also if you press the cntrl button while drawing you will get snaps to previous object as well as horizontal and vertical snaps.

New lettering features have been added.  Letters can be offset, rotated, skewed.  Also these changes happen much faster now with speed improvements.

There are many new fill patterns and stitch patterns too.

That’s it for now I hope you like the new release.





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